NEW: A Straits Settlement: A Superintendent Le Fanu Mystery

2 straits-settlementIn the third installment of the Le Fanu Mystery series, the intrepid superintendent is promoted to Inspector-General of Police in 1920s Madras, which proves to be more boring than he had envisaged. Instead of pushing papers across his desk, Le Fanu focuses on the disappearance of a senior Indian Civil Service officer and an apparently unrelated murder. As the two incidents intertwine, the world-weary detective is drawn into the worlds of indentured labour recruitment and antiquities theft.

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Praise for A Straits Settlement:

“The manner in which Stoddart writes these books is pitch perfect. The historical elements, the factual tidbits, are built into the narrative in a way that lets the reader learn a lot and experience what it must have been like in that part of the world at that time.” – AustCrime (

“Not least of Stoddart’s skills is his ability to weave together different themes to make a beautiful whole… No-one currently writing manages this with as little fuss and fanfare as Stoddart.” – Crime Fiction Lover (

The Pallampur Predicament: A Superintendent Le Fanu Mystery

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The second Superindentent Le Fanu Mystery sees our intrepid British policeman on the trail of the murderers of an Indian Rajah. Under pressure from his superiors, pining for his lost love and allergic to the sight of blood, Le Fanu must navigate through a political mine-field of colonial intrigue in 1920s Madras. As the British tighten their grip on the sub-continent, Gandhi’s peace movement, British secret agents and armed pro-independence rebels complicate Le Fanu’s investigations further and he soon finds himself in a quagmire of violent opposing forces that are unwilling to compromise.

Praise for The Pallampur Predicament:

“The great twin joys of this book are the atmosphere and the characterisation. Le Fanu’s Madras is vividly brought to the page with the sounds, smells and tastes lingering long after the book is finished.” – Crime Fiction Lover (

“Wit, humour, a genuine mystery, a history lesson, race and politics – a decent blend of elements all expertly intertwined in just 270 short pages.” – Col’s Criminal Library

A Madras Miasma: A Superintendent Le Fanu Mystery

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Madras in the 1920s. The British are slowly losing the grip on the subcontinent. The end of the colonial enterprise is in sight and the city on India’s east coast is teeming with intrigue. A grisly murder takes place against the backdrop of political tension and Superintendent Le Fanu, a man of impeccable investigative methods, is called in to find out who killed a respectable young British girl and dumped her in a canal, her veins clogged with morphine.
As Le Fanu, a man forced to keep his own personal relationship a secret for fear of scandal in the face British moral standards, begins to investigate, he quickly slips into a quagmire of Raj politics, rebellion and nefarious criminal activities that threaten not just to bury his case but the fearless detective himself.
The first Detective Le Fanu Adventure, A Madras Miasma, tells a classic tale of murder, corruption and intrigue with a sharp eye on British colonial politics and race relations. It is a story that, like its main protagonist, has its heart firmly in the right place.

Praise for A Madras Miasma:

“The plotting of the book is as impressive as the narrative style, and the description of the bloody end to the industrial protest is as gripping as anything I have read in a long while.”

– Crime Fiction Lover Blog

“Packed with mystery and suspense.”

– Crime Thriller Girl

“I found myself thinking about the book when I wasn’t reading it.”



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